Prisma Imaging

The Next Generation of Equine Imaging Technology

The Next Disruptor in Equine Imaging and Diagnostics

Prisma has developed a new, better way to image horses. Our system represents the only technology that can access an equine patient’s entire anatomy while they’re conscious and weight-bearing enabling the ability to safely perform CT and radiographic imaging without the use of anesthesia. These advanced imaging capabilities represent a true “game changer” for a horse’s safety, performance health, and welfare.
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Why Should We Care?

The nation’s 7.2 Million horses play a major role and have a significant financial impact to our economy contributing $122 Billion and 1.7 Million jobs.

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38 Million or 31% of US households contain a horse enthusiast
Million of US households contain a horse enthusiast
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The Equine Patient Needs Precise Medical Imaging

For the industry to thrive, horses need to be kept healthy and safe.

Radiography and CT Imaging are ideal to assess the health, injuries and recovery of horses.

But these critically important diagnostic methods are underutilized and not enough is being done to protect these majestic animals and this lucrative industry.

Here is a look why

Current CT Radiography Has Too Many Limitations

CT radiological technology is not well-suited for equine patients. It requires the patient to be anesthetized which is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. It also necessitates a team to awkwardly position an unconscious twelve-hundred-pound patient into a CT donut. Lastly, it can’t image the high-mass parts of the horse which often leads to an incomplete or faulty diagnosis.

CT radiological technology is not well-suited for equine patients

Requires horses to be anesthetized, which can be potentially dangerous for the patient

Significant added cost, time and requires multiple personnel

Cannot show certain high-mass body parts (abdomen, hips, axial skeleton).

Let's look at the Prisma Solution

The Prisma Imaging Solution

Made Possible By Three Major Innovations

Use of Robotics

Unlimited Geometry of a Conscious Patient

Line-Scan & ConeBeam Radiology

Full-Body Imaging

Motion Correction System

Diagnostic Image Quality Despite Movement
Prisma Imaging™ is focused on the development of newly designed radiographic imaging techniques and modalities which will be capable of capturing never-before seen perspectives of the equine and large animal patient.

Prisma Imaging, Inc.