The Next Generation of Equine Imaging

Detect. Prevent. Save Lives.

Innovative Technology

For the Practitioner

A new category of expanded diagnostics significantly increases the volume of services offered, revenue and the ability to visually demonstrate to their client how to deliver better patient care.

For the Horse Owner

Access to the means by which better care, performance and quality of life will be made possible for their valuable, loved animals.

CT Scans without Anesthesia

Patient is conscious and standing in a weight-bearing position, opening a new gateway to better care while avoiding the risks of anesthesia.

Unmatched Field of View

Capable of imaging the full anatomy, including the entire spine, pelvis and abdomen and providing access to never before seen regions of the equine or large animal patient.

All shapes & sizes

Accommodates animals above the weight and dimensional capacity of conventional and large-bore CT scanners.

Greater Access

Clearer, better quality access to the entire equine anatomy compared with current imaging technology.

Diagnostic quality radiographic and CT images of never before seen parts of live equine and large animal anatomy.

Capable of imaging the entire spine, pelvis and abdomen.

Early detection of anatomical anomalies.

Improve performance and reduction of the occurrence of catastrophic injury.

Open up new areas for research to improve healthcare, performance and quality of life.