Prisma achieves major milestone demonstrating the efficacy of its motion correction system

NEWARK, Calif. – Dec. 1, 2019 A key feature of Prisma’s system is its ability to correct for motion in a live subject during image acquisition.  The motion correction system functions by: 

  • Positioning the robots correctly relative to the area of interest being imaged on the subject
  • Monitoring the position and movement of the area of interest of the subject during image acquisition
  • Integrating the data obtained during the imaging study with the reconstruction software, automatically correcting for movement that may have occurred during the scan.

“Motion correction is just one of the advanced technological features of Prima’s imaging system compared with other ventures that have attempted to image live, conscious horses,” said Michael Silver, Prisma’s founder and chief executive officer.  

The above figure illustrates side-by-side comparison of reconstruction slides of horse leg imaged with no added motion (left), with leg oscillating sinusoidally ±50 mm (center), and with leg oscillating sinusoidally and motion correction applied (right).