Prisma Partners with Top Equine Veterinary Practice, B.W. Furlong & Associates to Receive Inaugural Imaging System

Newark, Calif. – Nov. 24, 2020– Prisma has come to mutually agreeable terms with B.W. Furlong & Associates to be the recipient of Prisma’s first robotic imaging system. This agreement represents a significant milestone that validates the equine veterinary community’s demand for Prisma’s novel technology that produces full-body imaging of a conscious and standing horse.

“Our strategy in establishing relationships with some of the country’s largest and most prestigious practices was twofold,” said Michael Silver, Prisma’s founder and CEO.

“Firstly, these practices were an invaluable resource during the early development process that ensured that the system would work well for the equine patient. Secondly, as we approach commercial readiness, we want to have a few early systems out in the field to ensure they will function perfectly prior to scalable operations. Meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations is of paramount importance.”

Prisma and B.W. Furlong have been in discussions for nearly a year, during which time the advancement of the system’s development and functionality were able to be demonstrated and documented.

“It’s undeniable that Prisma’s system’s capability to perform distal limb and head C.T. imaging of a conscious horse, plus image the axial skeleton and abdomen represents a material advancement for equine diagnostics and their health and welfare,” said B.W. Furlong’s founder Brandan Furlong, MVB MRCVS. “We’ve been able to monitor and vet the progress of the system’s development and are excited by the prospect of getting their inaugural system. We’re equally enthusiastic about having this technology to perform more comprehensive diagnostics and deliver exceptional patient care.”

Silver estimates that the system will be ready for installation by late 2021. Prisma is in discussions with several other top veterinary practices as additional potential candidates to receive one of its early systems.

B.W. Furlong and Associates, also the home of Equine MRI of New Jersey, Furlong’s Soundness Center, and Peak Performance Equine Services, is an exclusively equine practice consisting of fifteen full-time veterinarians, including a Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist and a Board-Certified Surgeon. They have been providing high-level veterinary care for over 30 years in both the hospital and ambulatory settings. B.W. Furlong and Associates has operations in New Jersey, and in Ocala, Florida, and are seasonally available in Wellington, Florida, Middleburg, Virginia and at major show circuits.

Dr. Furlong served as the team veterinarian for the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team from 1994-2012, accompanying them to Olympic Games, Pan American Games and World Championships. Additionally, he has traveled with the U.S. Show Jumping Team and cared for horses at the Combined Driving World Championships. In 2010 Dr. Furlong served as one of the team veterinarians attending to 80 U.S. Driving horses at the FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Prisma Imaging has successfully developed a new system for equine diagnostic imaging that addresses the shortcomings of current technology. Founded in 2016, Prisma’s system captures C.T. and radiographic images of the entire anatomy of a standing, conscious horse. The resulting system represents a game-changer for equine diagnostics and horse health care. Commercial installations of the system will begin in late 2021.