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The Prisma Difference

Current Imaging Technology

Horse is anesthetized
Potentially dangerous to Horse’s Health

Prisma Technology

Horse is conscious
No need to use risky anesthesia
Easy and cost effective to implement

A Healthy Size Industry –
Why Should We Care?

38 million, or 31% of U.S. households contain a horse enthusiast and the financial impact of the horse industry contributes $122 billion dollars and 1.7 million jobs to the U.S. economy.

Reasons to Invest

Horses are needlessly suffering and experiencing career-ending or even catastrophic, fatal injuries. The life-saving diagnostics that would keep them safe, healthy, and promote a better quality of life, CT imaging, is grossly underutilized because of its cost, difficulty to implement, and is a potential risk to the horse’s health and safety. Prisma’s “game-changing” technology offers a solution that addresses these shortcomings.

Hundreds of horses die every year during training and competition in the U.S.

Total Addressable U.S Equine Market By Segment

Multi-billion market exists for Prisma’s technology


200k Active Racing in US

4 scans/year* @ $1,000/scan



600k Active Showing in US

1 scan/year* @ $1,000/scan



4.7M horses are recreation or other categories in the US.

Worldwide there are 58 million horses @ $1,000/scan

Imagine the Potential

*Number of scans per year based on a horse’s competition and training schedule and medical history

Current Equity Offerings

Prisma currently has a Reg D $4M seed round for which the lead investor is Kirenaga Partners. Prisma’s co-development partner, Triple Ring Technologies, is also an investor in Prisma. There is approximately $1.7 million of preferred shares available in this round which will facilitate the inaugural installation of the system at an equine veterinary clinic and continued development to the system’s commercial readiness.

Investment Opportunity

Prisma’s technical lead and co-development partner is Triple Ring Technologies, one of the industry leaders in developing advanced imaging technology that has the skill sets to execute the system’s final push to commercial readiness. Triple Ring is also an investor in Prisma
Prisma has secured a venture capital investor, Kirenaga Partners. Having investments and being vetted by Kirenaga and Triple Ring, is a great vote of confidence in the viability of achieving commercial success.

We’re in the Home Stretch

Join us in the winner’s circle

To learn more about Prisma and becoming part of our community, please contact us or request our Pitch Deck and offering memorandum.


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