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About Prisma Imaging


Prisma Imaging™ is focused on the development of newly designed radiographic imaging techniques and modalities which will be capable of capturing never-before seen perspectives of the equine and large animal patient.  Prisma’s key objective is to provide the practitioner with the means by which to achieve more effective and efficient diagnosis, prognosis and overall improved patient care, compared to current imaging practices.


Today’s radiographic imaging technology for the equine industry has significant limitations, and is not reliable for diagnostics of the high-mass areas of the patient, such as the spine, pelvis and abdomen. Prisma’s novel technology will open up an entirely new landscape in equine and large animal imaging, improving the quality and reliability of overall patient care.


In addition to recognizing the merits of developing a ground-breaking, highly beneficial diagnostic technology, Prisma is equally committed to supporting the humane treatment of animals in all categories, including our beloved pets, animals that live in captivity (in zoos and nature habitats), and in our food chain. 


The Prisma Imaging Leadership Team has extensive experience in building technology companies, cutting edge robotics and radiography.  The needs of the equine veterinary community are paramount, as well as supporting better diagnostics, performance, care and the health and welfare of horses:

Michael Silver
Founder and CEO

Michael has over 30 years of entrepreneurial and institutional experience. From 1992 until 2001, he worked for Ronald Perelman’s holding company, MacAndrews and Forbes, Inc., where he worked in a variety of capacities at the M&F companies. In 2002, he started a company in the housewares industry that he built and successfully divested in 2012. After selling his company, Michael started Prisma Imaging in 2016. His motivation to start Prisma was to develop a solution that addressed the deficiencies that exist in equine imaging, his desire to create a new beneficial technology and his attraction to the contagious passion that exists within the equestrian community. Michael is committed to Prisma for the long-term, beyond the equine market and into the next phase of potential expanded industries that will become viable as Prisma’s technology advances.


In addition to recognizing the merits of developing a ground-breaking, highly beneficial diagnostic technology, Michael is equally committed to supporting the humane treatment of animals in all categories. These include our beloved pets, animals that live in captivity (in zoos and nature habitats) and animals in our food chain. 


Michael received his BA from Vanderbilt University in 1984 and his MBA from Fordham.


Brian Tisher, MBA, MHS
Co-Founder Chief Financial Officer


Brian is a seasoned executive bringing 25 years of experience within the healthcare sector including leadership roles in financial management, strategic development, and healthcare operations. His experience includes 20 years working as a healthcare administrator in Atlanta including positions with Emory University System of Healthcare, Saint Joseph’s Health System, and Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) where he worked to develop some of the most successful physician integration strategies in the Atlanta market.


Jeff Brokalis - Prisma Bio

Jeff Brokalis,

Chief Marketing Officer


Jeff grew up with horses and after four years of service in the Army, pursued an education in the veterinary field. He received his degree in Veterinary/Animal Technology and specializing in equine and diagnostic imaging from Bel-Rae Institute of Veterinary Technology in 1995. Jeff completed his internship as a Certified Veterinary Technician with Colorado State University and subsequently worked for the next decade at several prestigious equine clinics, including Littleton Equine Medical Center (CO). Upon seeing a need to improve diagnostic image storage and workflow, he co-founded Asteris, Inc. in 2004.


Board Advisors

Prisma has assembled a group of advisors that represent a diverse array of experience and expertise from multiple industries including: equine medical, imaging software, robotics, and radiographic diagnostics.  These skill sets represent a solid foundation from which Prisma will continue to fulfill its mission to develop a new radiographic diagnostic modality that will positively impact the current imaging landscape.


Muslim Tyebjee
Board Advisor

Co-founder of Aproio LLC which specializes in design and development leading to commercialization.


Linbo Yang, PhD
Board Advisor

Co-founder of X-Scan Imaging Corporation.

Over 30 years of hands-on radiation detector experience at multiple universities, national laboratories and in a variety of industries.

Holds multidisciplinary degrees of electrical engineering, computer science and physics.


Kenneth Marcella, D.V.M.
Board Advisor

Dr. Marcella received his DVM degree from Cornell University and became an assistant professor of comparative medicine at the University of Virginia. He started a private practice near the Virginia Horse Center before moving to Atlanta to be a part of the staff for the 1996 Olympic Games. Dr. Marcella later established KLM Equine, a mobile equine practice with a special emphasis on lameness and sports medicine.

World Class Suppliers

Prisma is fortunate to have partnered with the top suppliers in their respective industries on the development of this valuable technology.