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About Prisma Imaging


Prisma Imaging™ is focused on the development of newly designed radiographic imaging techniques and modalities which will be capable of capturing never-before seen perspectives of the equine and large animal patient.  Prisma’s key objective is to provide the practitioner with the means by which to achieve more effective and efficient diagnosis, prognosis and overall improved patient care, compared to current imaging practices.


Today’s radiographic imaging technology for the equine industry has significant limitations, and is not reliable for diagnostics of the high-mass areas of the patient, such as the spine, pelvis and abdomen. Prisma’s novel technology will open up an entirely new landscape in equine and large animal imaging, improving the quality and reliability of overall patient care.


In additional to recognizing the merits of developing a ground-breaking, highly beneficial diagnostic technology, Prisma is equally committed to supporting the humane treatment of animals in all categories, including our beloved pets, animals that live in captivity (in zoos and nature habitats), and in our food chain. 

Michael Silver
Founder and CEO

Michael  Silver has over 30 years of entrepreneurial and institutional experience. Prior to founding Prisma Imaging LLC, he founded, built and successfully divested a business in the consumer products industry.  He has held a variety of positions in finance and operations at a diversified portfolio of both public and private companies. He is passionate about equine care as well as promoting a better, more humane treatment of all animals.


Behind Prisma is a team of passionate professionals that have been involved with Prisma since its inception. Each brings a valuable skill set and will play essential roles in the company as we transition from the developmental stage into a conventional commercial operation.


Stephanie Warrington, MBA, MHS
Chief Operating Officer


A lifelong competitive equestrian with 25 years of healthcare management experience, Stephanie brings 17 years of experience in executive leadership roles building medical device startups.


Brian Tisher, MBA, MHS
Chief Financial Officer


Brian brings over 20 years of experience in the financial and operational management of health care settings, including hospitals and physician practice networks.

Jeffrey Kondel, GWcPM, MBA
Senior Installation & Maintenance Manager


Over the past 15 years, Jeff has led $1m-$30 million projects encompassing advanced manufacturing practices in automotive and medical device manufacturers, as well as in a wide range of other industries.  Jeff’s pivotal role will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the systems after installation.

Board Advisors

Prisma has assembled a group of advisors that represent a diverse array of experience and expertise from multiple industries including: equine medical, imaging software, robotics, and radiographic diagnostics.  These skill sets represent a solid foundation from which Prisma will continue to fulfill its mission to develop a new radiographic diagnostic modality that will positively impact the current imaging landscape.


Muslim Tyebjee
Board Advisor

Co-founder of Aproio LLC which specializes in design and development leading to commercialization.


Linbo Yang, PhD
Board Advisor

Co-founder of X-Scan Imaging Corporation.

Over 30 years of hands-on radiation detector experience at multiple universities, national laboratories and in a variety of industries.

Holds multidisciplinary degrees of electrical engineering, computer science and physics.


Kenneth Marcella, D.V.M.
Board Advisor

Dr. Marcella received his DVM degree from Cornell University and became an assistant professor of comparative medicine at the University of Virginia. He started a private practice near the Virginia Horse Center before moving to Atlanta to be a part of the staff for the 1996 Olympic Games. Dr. Marcella later established KLM Equine, a mobile equine practice with a special emphasis on lameness and sports medicine.

World Class Suppliers

Prisma is fortunate to have partnered with the top suppliers in their respective industries on the development of this valuable technology.