Pioneering Breakthrough Full-Body Equine Imaging

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Since its formation in 2017, Prisma has achieved significant milestones that have derisked the technical aspects of its robotic CT imaging system. Prisma is leading the charge, developing innovative and improved methods of imaging the entire horse, including its high-mass areas.


Prisma Develops the First-Ever Functional Full-Body Equine Veterinary Imaging System for a Standing Conscious Horse

NEWARK, Calif. – Aug. 24, 2020 – Prisma Imaging has successfully developed a new system for equine diagnostic imaging that addresses the shortcomings of current technology. Founded in 2016, Prisma developed a system that captures CT and radiographic images of the entire anatomy of a standing, weight-bearing and conscious horse.

Prisma secures a lead investment from Florida Funders

TAMPA, Fla. – April 10, 2020 – Florida Funders, an early-stage angel funding organization that specializes in being the lead investor in companies with promising, innovative technology has committed to be the lead investor in Prisma’s current equity raise.  The funds will primarily be…


Prisma achieves major milestone demonstrating the efficacy of its motion correction system

NEWARK, Calif. – Dec. 1, 2019 – A key feature of Prisma’s system is its ability to correct for motion in a live subject during image acquisition. The motion correction system functions by: Positioning the robots correctly relative to the area of interest being imaged on the subject; Monitoring…


Prisma achieves major milestone demonstrating diagnostic quality CT images

NEWARK, Calif. – Sept. 9, 2019 – Since working with Triple Ring Technologies, Prisma has successfully demonstrated that the CT images acquired with Prisma’s system are on par with established medical CT systems. To support this achievement, CT images of an equine cadaver limb were taken with…

Prisma Imaging becomes incubator company of Triple Ring Technologies

NEWARK, Calif. – July 12, 2019 – Triple Ring Technologies is a co-development company that works with innovators and entrepreneurs to solve challenging problems, launch breakthrough products, and create new businesses. “While Prisma remains a Florida based company, we determined that access and proximity to…

Test subject “Alf” a 1,200 lbs. retired warm-blood show jumper.

Prisma’s robotically-controlled system successfully captures the axial skeleton of a live, conscious standing horse

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. – Dec. 8, 2018 – Prisma has successfully acquired and produced radiographic images of an equine subject’s lumbar and upper thoracic spine. The significance of this event was three-fold: 1) it demonstrated the robot’s ability to safely navigate around a conscious, standing equine patient; 2)…

Prisma Imaging completes the assembly of its inaugural robotically-controlled imaging system

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. – Sept. 13, 2018 – The functional system was built at the facilities of Mesh Automation and demonstrated the capabilities of the various components which came from established top-tier suppliers in their respective industries including Varex Medical Imaging, ABB Robotics, Digital Conversion, and EMD Technologies…