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Significantly benefit the safety, care and quality of life for horses and the entire equine industry.

Partner with Prisma

Prisma has successfully identified the correct resources and respective technical categories and has a clear definitive, demonstrable path to get to commercialization. We’re at a point in the development process where we are ready to establish our inaugural customers that will be the recipients of our first commercially ready systems.


On the investment front, Prisma is currently raising funds for the system’s finalization and to initiate commercial sales. We have secured an investment from Triple Ring Technologies, Prisma’s current primary service provider and co-development parter.


Prisma is on track to have commercially-ready systems available for installation as early as mid 2021. Since the number of systems will initially be limited, Prisma is seeking select partners as candidates to receive the first systems for installation.


In addition to being a recipient of Prisma’s inaugural systems and possessing unsurpassed technology for equine imaging, other incentives will be available for our “early-adopter” partners.


For information on becoming an early-adopter partner, how to get access to our technology, and for live demonstrations, please click on the link below.


The limited opportunity exists to participate in Prisma’s current funding program. In addition to the potential of a stellar return on investment, participants will help to accelerate the availability of an essential technology that will significantly benefit the safety, care and quality of life for horses and the entire equine industry.


To learn more about how to invest and support the commercialization of Prisma’s technology, please click on the link below.